10 Alternatives to Driving Drunk, How to Get a Free Ride Home!

Perhaps you’ve faced the dilemma that millions of others have. You know you’re probably impaired by alcohol. To drive is to risk getting stopped for drunk driving and receiving a DUI charge or conviction.

To not drive presents the hassle of trying to get home. What do you do? Because the dangers of drunk driving are so high, with significant personal, financial and legal consequences, it’s worth it to have a plan. This is especially true because federal and state DUI laws have never been tougher.

In this Drunk Drivers Rights article, we will help you understand what alternatives you have to driving drunk and the best way to get a free ride home.

Here are 15 ways to get a ride home for free.

1. Keep a bike in your car and ride home.

2. Go out with friends and include a designated driver.

3. Call your Mom or other relative for a ride home!

4. Call a friend who owes you a favor or money and forgive and ask for a ride.

5. Buy a yearly pass on public transportation on your area. That way, there’s no additional cost for getting a ride home after drinking.

6. Look for free ride services provided in some cities by MADD, other community organizations, and even some sponsored by beer companies like Miller and Coors. There are an amazing number of free rides available in many communities. Learn about them and have a list of phone numbers before you head out for a night of drinking. Some are paid services, but many are free.

7. Ask a policeman for a ride home. In some cities, it is department policy to provide it.

8. If you’re out of money, call a cab and ask to be taken to a friend or relative’s home that you know will pay the fare.

9. Join a group that provides free rides for one another on a mutual basis. These can be found in most large, metropolitan areas.

10. Don’t drink and drive in the first place. Then, you can be sure of driving home FREE of hassle and running afoul of state and federal laws relating to DUI.