About Us

We launched the Drunk Drivers Rights website to help keep consumers informed about their rights in case they are arrested on suspicion of DUI, what tests you may be asked to take if you are part of a DUI checkpoint, and how you can avoid a DUI conviction and not become a drunk driving statistic.  Please note that DrunkDriversRights.com is informational website only. We are not an attorney, nor are we a replacement for an attorney. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence or you need helpful information to avoid an arrest, the drunk drivers rights website may be able to help you.

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What Will You Find at Drunk Drivers Rights?

As you browse around the drunk drivers rights website, you will see that we have several sections of information. The information includes:

Dangers of Drinking & Driving

On this page of our website, we give you helpful information about the dangerous act of driving under the influence. These include:

  • DUI Statistics
  • Risk Factors for Driving Drunk
  • How to not become a DUI statistic

Information about DUI Attorneys

In this area of our website, we give you detailed information about DUI attorneys and what purpose they serve including:

  • What a DUI attorney does
  • Why you need an attorney specialized in DUI cases
  • DUI attorney costs and how you usually have to pay them
  • The reasons you should not go to court without one

State DUI Laws & Federal DUI Laws

On these pages of our website you will learn the differences between state and federal DUI laws including:

  • States with tough DUI laws
  • Common sense practices for staying within the law
  • State & Federal DUI limits
  • Tests performed if there is suspicion that you are drinking and driving
  • How to find a DUI attorney in your area

Glossary of DUI and Related Terms

Here you will find a full list of drunk driving and DUI related terms including field sobriety tests, drivers license suspension, and legal terms that are often used during DUI arrests or convictions.