How to Avoid Being Stopped on Suspicion of Drunk Driving

Police officers can stop anyone on suspicion of drunk driving but they have to have probably cause. Know how to avoid being stopped when you are obeying the law

While it often takes insurmountable evidence in order for a DUI charge to stick to an individual, a police officer has the right to pull a person over on suspicion of drunk driving for many reasons. The officer can even detain the person operating the vehicle for a short period in order to perform a limited investigation on the matter. Surprisingly, a DUI case can be dismissed if there was no probable cause for the stop in question, regardless of whether or not the motorist was under the influence. These are tips for avoiding being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving.

Consistently stay in your lane

Drivers that tend to swerve or drift over lines on the road are often easily suspected of drunk driving by police officers. Always ensure that you’re within your lane’s boundary lines, and only change lanes if necessary. Merely riding atop a line on the road is enough for an officer to suspect that you are inebriated. If you’re traveling on a highway, be sure to only use the left lane if you intend to pass traffic in the right lane.

Make legal turns

It might seem tempting to make an illegal right-hand turn if it stands to dramatically shorten the time of your trip. However, this type of maneuver is just another indicator to law enforcement that you could be under the influence. Follow all traffic laws, and only make a turn if it’s permissible. You’ll not only lessen your chances of being pulled over during your trip, but you’ll promote your safety, as well as the safety of others while on the road.

Steer clear of other objects on or around the road

Do your best to avoid driving close in proximity to other vehicles or rails along the side of the road. Impaired drivers often have poor judgment when it comes to the distance between their vehicles and other objects around them. Use your mirrors and plain judgment to ensure that you’re not dangerously close to any other objects. Additionally, always stop ahead of time to allow people to use crosswalks.

Drive at a reasonable speed

While you might already know that driving above the speed limit is illegal, you might also be surprised to find that an officer can stop you for driving too slowly. Stay aware of the speed limit for the road you’re traveling, and adjust your speed accordingly when it changes. Five or ten miles below a speed limit is fine in many cases. However, driving at 30MPH in a 55MPH zone is grounds for at least a small amount of suspicion of drunk driving and you are more apt to be pulled over.

Stopping on the road for no obvious reason

If at all possible, don’t make any stops until you reach your destination. In most cases, drivers will only stop their vehicles in the middle of traffic for emergencies. If the incident that takes place in your vehicle is minor, such as not knowing your way around the area, wait until you reach a gas station or rest stop to pull over.

If you’re currently facing an unreasonable DUI charge, you’re likely overwhelmed by what you’re up against. Luckily, there are ways out of drunk driving charges given for inadequate reasons. Consider speaking with a dui attorney or other professional for further advice on being stopped on suspicion of drunk driving.