Can You Be a Teacher With a DUI On Your Record?

If you are wanting to pursue a career in teacher but have a DWI/DUI conviction on your record, you may have some challenges looming ahead of you. Many of today’s employers require thorough background checks to be conducted, along with documentation that is likely to reveal these prior convictions. Unlike a couple of decades ago, where background checks were generally a new kind of processes, it is no longer possible to sweep certain incidents like DUI convictions under the rug. Modern advancements of technology has made these types of records just a couple of mouse-clicks away from being discovered.

Having a criminal record is certainly disadvantage for just about any established profession, especially teaching. A DUI conviction, even one which consisted of the individual pleading no contest may have serious implications for anyone who is currently in the work field of education. Such convictions may effect employment and certifications in a negative manner for teachers. Each state has different standard sets for teachers. Some certifications can be considered as being more rigid than others. In some states laws, older conviction types may not necessarily be taken into account for certification purposes among teachers. One example of such an occurrence is Washington, which allows its teachers to have the ability of staying employed with a single conviction of DWI/DUI. However, this is only the case if the incident took place more than 5 years ago. On the contrary, the state of Oklahoma requires a clear criminal record for attaining a new job in the field of teaching.

For anyone who is wanting to teach in any particular field, especially in the public schooling system, the most effective strategy of handling such issues is to simply avoid incurring a DWI/DUI conviction onto one’s record. To do this, it is an imperative necessity for anyone who may find themselves in a position of being pulled over to hire an attorney who specifically specializes in treating DUI/DWI cases to represent the interests in the court of law. One’s attorney should be experienced and well-versed in directing the outcome of the case as well as current legal matters, as being proficient in such areas of the field allows the one who may be accused of drinking and driving to have a better chance of acquiring a teaching job if that is their goal. A well-versed lawyer who has gained some experience in the particular field of DUI/DWI cases may be able to reduce the charges or even properly arrange a viable plea bargain that will improve one’s chances of being able to teach in their particular state of residency. Teaching is a goal that many of today’s students strive for and an attorney will usually go out of their way to ensure their client that they can continue towards attaining the proper credentials for teaching.