If I Intend To Plead Guilty to DUI Charges, Do I Have to Get an Attorney?

If you intend to plead guilty to DUI, then you might not need an attorney.

In this Drunk Drivers Rights article we will help you decide whether to hire a DUI attorney or go it alone.

DUI First Offence with a High Blood Alcohol Level

If you’re blood alcohol level was significantly above the legal limit, the chances of even a skilled drunk driving lawyer winning the case for you are not good. If you’ve discussed your case with the prosecutor and they intend to give you the minimum punishment for a first offence, you should probably save your money and plead guilty without the help of an attorney.

Keep one thing in mind before agreeing to a guilty plea. A DUI attorney might be aware of diversion programs that will still allow you to take responsibility for your actions but get counseling and education instead of the stiff punishment that often comes from pleading guilty. It won’t hurt to talk with a DUI attorney to find out what is possible. Most drunk driving attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss your case before you have to choose whether or not to hire them.

You Don’t Want to Plead Guilty But Don’t Think You Have a Chance

If you would rather not plead guilty, it is worth discussing your case with a drunk driving attorney. He or she will review your case to determine if the police made mistakes in their procedures. If they did, a DUI lawyer might be able to expose those mistakes and have your case dismissed.

DUI Second Offences and Beyond

When you’ve had trouble in the past, having an experienced DUI attorney working for you is essential if you want to stay out of jail. Having good legal counsel will to minimize the impact of the arrest and conviction.

Many DUI attorneys offer a free consultation before you have to make a decision to hire them. Contact DUI lawyers to find out more about a free consultation that will give you a better perspective on all of your options.