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Daytime Drinking and Driving: Increasing Threat in the Light of Day

Highway patrol checkpoints are a common sight on any highway in the U. S. A. on holidays, weekends, and some weekdays. These checkpoints are one method used by law enforcement to combat drunk driving. Officers set up near events and venues where people typically drink alcohol. Places like concerts, dance clubs, and sporting events are […]

Holiday Drunk Driving Statistics and How to Avoid Being One

The good news is that education is working. DUI arrests, accidents and fatalities are generally down across the country. Last year, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, roughly 1,200 accident fatalities were recorded nationally during the holiday period, down about 20% from just 10 years ago. About 40% of those accidents involved alcohol. […]

If I Decide to Appeal My DUI Conviction, Can They Increase My Sentence?

Once you’ve been convicted of driving and driving, you cannot be sentenced more harshly even if you appeal the conviction and lose. That would be considered something like double jeopardy –being sentenced for the same offense twice as opposed to being tried for the same crime twice. In this Drunk Drivers Rights guides we outline what will happen if […]