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Accused Of Drunk Driving In Another State? | What Are Your First Steps

Being accused of drunk driving while visiting or driving through another state becomes a real hassle. It has implications for driving in your own state too, in most cases. While the specifics differ from state to state, this Drunk Drivers Rights guide explains the basics of what you can expect if you are accused of drunk […]

The Consequences of Drunk Driving on Your Family

If you drive under the influence, it can have a major impact on your family. When you’re arrested for DUI and possibly convicted, additional consequences for your family will result. This drunk drivers rights guide will help you understand the consequences drunk driving can have on your family. Injury and Possible Death Drunk driving often […]

Top 10 Steps to Keep Your Teen from Driving Drunk

Alcohol and teenage drivers can be a deadly combination. As a parent, keeping your teen from driving drunk is a high priority. In this Drunk Drivers Rights guide we outline the top 10 steps you can take to reduce the risk that your teen will make the decision to drink and drive. Limit Access to Alcohol Many teenagers […]

Can I Get a DUI Overturned If I Was Driving Due to an Emergency?

This is a defense that has been tried many times – seeking to have a DUI overturned when the person was driving due to an emergency situation. However, it is rarely successful. In this Drunk Drivers Rights guide we discuss whether a DUI can be overturned if you were driving due to an emergency. Types of Emergencies […]

If I Intend To Plead Guilty to DUI Charges, Do I Have to Get an Attorney?

If you intend to plead guilty to DUI, then you might not need an attorney. In this Drunk Drivers Rights article we will help you decide whether to hire a DUI attorney or go it alone. DUI First Offence with a High Blood Alcohol Level If you’re blood alcohol level was significantly above the legal limit, the chances […]

Busted for DUI! 10 Things You Must Know at a DUI Stop

If you get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, there are things you must know in order to protect your rights and help bring about the best results for yourself. These are things a good DUI attorney would tell you to do, and they are based on federal DUI laws and state DUI laws. […]

DUI Versus DWI, Importance of Understanding the Difference!

There are many acronyms for drunk driving. Two of the most prominent are DUI and DWI. What is the difference?  In some states, there are significant differences in the consequences for being convicted of one versus the other. In this Drunk Drivers Rights article, we will give you information that will help you better understand […]

10 Alternatives to Driving Drunk, How to Get a Free Ride Home!

Perhaps you’ve faced the dilemma that millions of others have. You know you’re probably impaired by alcohol. To drive is to risk getting stopped for drunk driving and receiving a DUI charge or conviction. To not drive presents the hassle of trying to get home. What do you do? Because the dangers of drunk driving […]