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How to Obtain Bail for a DUI

Simply stated, being arrested and going to jail in of itself is always a harrowing experience. Imagine that experience being compounded by the fact that the defendant is not at the time of arrest in full control of their faculties. It is important to be aware of this when trying to post bail, and equally […]

Can I Still Get Insurance if I’m Convicted of DUI?

A conviction for DUI raises concerns about the ability to get car insurance afterward as well as its cost. In this Drunk Drivers Rights article we will give you an overview of how a DUI conviction may affect your auto insurance premiums in the future. Policy Cancellation Many of the largest auto insurance companies will cancel your insurance premium if […]

10 Alternatives to Driving Drunk, How to Get a Free Ride Home!

Perhaps you’ve faced the dilemma that millions of others have. You know you’re probably impaired by alcohol. To drive is to risk getting stopped for drunk driving and receiving a DUI charge or conviction. To not drive presents the hassle of trying to get home. What do you do? Because the dangers of drunk driving […]