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Are There Jail Alternatives After Being Convicted of a DUI?

An experienced DUI lawyer can often keep their clients out of jail following a drunk-driving conviction. What are the alternatives a good drunk driving lawyer can negotiate for a client? In this Drunk Drivers Rights guide we outline the most common alternatives to jail after being convicted of DUI. House Arrest This will require wearing an electronic […]

If I Decide to Appeal My DUI Conviction, Can They Increase My Sentence?

Once you’ve been convicted of driving and driving, you cannot be sentenced more harshly even if you appeal the conviction and lose. That would be considered something like double jeopardy –being sentenced for the same offense twice as opposed to being tried for the same crime twice. In this Drunk Drivers Rights guides we outline what will happen if […]

Can I Still Get Insurance if I’m Convicted of DUI?

A conviction for DUI raises concerns about the ability to get car insurance afterward as well as its cost. In this Drunk Drivers Rights article we will give you an overview of how a DUI conviction may affect your auto insurance premiums in the future. Policy Cancellation Many of the largest auto insurance companies will cancel your insurance premium if […]

If I Have a Criminal History, Can It Be Used Against Me In a DUI Case?

Those with a criminal history are often discriminated against unfairly. If you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, will your criminal history be brought up and used against you? In this Drunk Drivers Rights article we will discuss how your criminal history could effect your DUI case in court. You Have a Criminal DUI Conviction If you […]