The Consequences of Drunk Driving on Your Family

If you drive under the influence, it can have a major impact on your family. When you’re arrested for DUI and possibly convicted, additional consequences for your family will result.

This drunk drivers rights guide will help you understand the consequences drunk driving can have on your family.

Injury and Possible Death

Drunk driving often results in an accident that causes injury and/or death. If you’re killed, your family may be left without a husband or father. Of course, if you have your family with you while driving drunk, they may be injured or killed, or at least traumatized by an automobile accident.

If you injure or kill others in a drunk driving accident, your family may live with guilt for letting you drive. They will believe they should have known you were under the influence. If they did know and let you drive anyway, the burden will be worse. This is true even though the decision to get behind the wheel is ultimately the driver’s burden.

Financial Problems

If you die or are disabled, it may put your family at financial risk. It could mean your children don’t have money to meet basic needs or have money for “extras” like participation in athletics or the arts. They may have to work instead of going to school or not be able to attend college without taking on debt to do it.

Even having to pay a DUI attorney $7-$10K to represent you can pose a financial burden. If you are jailed for the offense, you’ll be out of work and may lose your job. A conviction will stay on your record and may affect your job opportunities

If you are sued because of an accident in which you were driving drunk, your savings and other property may be taken from you. Even if you are able to protect some of your assets by declaring bankruptcy, the settlement will impose harsh financial realities that cause an alteration in your family’s lifestyle.

Avoiding the Devastation of Drunk Driving

If you believe you may have a drinking problem, there’s still time to avoid future negative consequences. Effective treatment is available that can dramatically reduce the likelihood that you’ll drive when under the influence. Talk with your physician about your options or contact treatment centers in your area for more information.