Think You Had an Unfair Drunk Driving Charge? Your Next Steps

Picture this, you’ve been pulled over and the cops want to test you for alcohol. You know that there is no way your blood alcohol level is over the limit but you end up being charged for drunk driving anyway. Believe it or not, this is more common than you would think due to how vague and broad drunk driving laws are in the legal sense of things. This can lead to you being charged with drunk driving when you aren’t necessarily in the wrong. The good news is that there are lawyers out there that can help you with this problem and get out out of this situation. But the first step is understanding why you’re in this mess to being with.

The Problem with Drunk Driving Laws

The intentions for drunk driving laws are like the intentions for most laws: to reduce the risk of something bad happening, in this case a traffic accident. However liability for negligence requires the creation of unreasonable risk of causing damages. This calls into question not the spirit of the law, but the letter of the law which can unfortunately be unfair to individuals such as yourself at times. Furthermore the wording “under the influence” can pretty much mean whatever the authorities want it to mean, putting you at their mercy.

Legal Tactics That are Used Against You

In some cases your blood alcohol content may be under the legal limit but you may be charged anyway. How is this possible? It’s thanks to other vague laws that can pretty much be used at will. Often times the legal system will offer to charge you with one of these lesser offenses related to drunk driving instead of the main drunk driving laws if you simply admit to it. It’s a classic method of getting a conviction by putting you in a no win situation.

Why are You Being Victimized?

You probably think that the legal system has it out for you and you probably wouldn’t be far wrong when it comes to drunk driving laws and their enforcement. The fact is that drunk driving enforcement is a huge revenue source for many different parties. Specialized police units, DUI prosecutors, and government blood testing labs all profit from these vague and broad laws and how they are enforced. This may leave you feeling helpless and a victim of a system beyond your control but there are ways to get out of the mess you’re in have a much more favorable outcome to the situation.

Contacting a DUI Lawyer

If you believe you have an unfair drunk driving charge or are being forced into a no win situation with lesser charges, contact a DUI lawyer immediately. They have the expertise and legal know-how to help you out of this tricky situation. Many DUI lawyers offer free consultations so don’t waste any more time, contact one ASAP. And furthermore, realize that attempting to speak with the police, prosecutors, and other members of the legal system isn’t doing you any favors, get a DUI lawyer and let him or her do it for you before you incriminate yourself further.