Are There Jail Alternatives After Being Convicted of a DUI?

An experienced DUI lawyer can often keep their clients out of jail following a drunk-driving conviction. What are the alternatives a good drunk driving lawyer can negotiate for a client?

In this Drunk Drivers Rights guide we outline the most common alternatives to jail after being convicted of DUI.

House Arrest

This will require wearing an electronic monitoring device so that you can be tracked and found if necessary. This arrangement typically allows you to leave your home for work, alcohol counseling, religious services, school and a few other things as long as you return home by set times.

Work Furlough

Not quite home, you stay at a dorm-style facility at night, but are allowed to leave for work and other obligations deemed necessary by the court.

Work Release

If the court understands that you have a responsibility to provide for others, you may be granted a reprieve from jail in order to keep you job. This alternative to jail for DUI conviction allows you to live at home.

Weekend Jail

You’re in jail on weekends to serve your time, but out during the week to work or go to school. DUI offenses often bring a 30-45 day sentence. Spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in the jail, and that accounts for three days.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

If the court can be persuaded that your DUI arrest and conviction was the result of a mental health issue, and alcoholism is classified in this way, then you might be given the option of going to a rehabilitation center to receive treatment. Rehab should be considered and embraced by those who believe they have an addiction issue that can be treated. If you believe you have a drinking problem, talk to your DUI lawyer about your concerns. He or she will present your concerns to the court, and you may be diverted from jail into an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Sober Living Programs

Not quite rehab, a sober living program assigns those convicted of DUI to a home occupied by others who have experienced alcohol-related problems. While there, you will likely be required to attend a 12-step program or similar recovery program. The house is alcohol-free. DUI attorneys will often suggest this type of arrangement if their client believes they have a problem with alcohol abuse and would benefit from such an environment.

Are there jail alternatives after being convicted of DUI? Absolutely yes. If you’ve been convicted of DUI, discuss your options with your DUI attorney. Good drunk driving attorneys will present clients with alternatives and work toward to achieve the one that is in their best interest.

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