Job Limitations with a DUI On Your Record

Many drivers convicted of driving under the influence are concerned about their prospects for getting a job after a DUI conviction. Will a DUI on your record affect your chances of finding work? While there are no specific laws in most circumstances concerning a DUI job conviction, finding a job after a DUI could be a bit more challenging that just your own state dui laws. Keeping a DUI off your record is another good reason to find a good DUI attorney to handle your case.

The specifics of your DUI case and the job you’re applying for will determine whether or not you’ll be a successful candidate for employment. You may have job limitations with a DUI on your record. In other words, you will have difficulty getting a job in which driving on the job – making deliveries, operating a forklift or backhoe – is required.

Why Employers are Wary of DUI Convictions

When a person is convicted of drunk driving, especially if it is a second or third conviction, they will likely lose their license. That suddenly makes it difficult for them to get to work. If you’ve had a single conviction, the employer may fear you getting a second one and losing your license. They may not take a risk on a person who will have trouble getting to work each day.

In addition, if there is any driving required for the job, it is not likely someone with a DUI on their record will be hired for it. First, the employer will be concerned that the person will lose their license and not be able to perform the job. Secondly, a person with a history of drinking and driving may be likely to do it again. If it takes place on the job, and the driver gets into an accident, the company will face liability issues and have pay higher costs for vehicle insurance – especially if they knowingly hired someone with a DUI in their past.

Finding a Job After a DUI

If the work you’re applying for doesn’t require driving as part of the job description, a DUI may not be a big concern to the employer. All situations are different. If you have the skills and work history the employer is looking for, you’ll likely be a successful candidate for the job.

Human resources experts say that a single DUI job record probably won’t affect a hiring decision in most cases. The important issue is to be honest about the conviction if asked. Don’t lie. You don’t have to volunteer the information if you are not asked, but if you say you don’t have a DUI conviction when applying for a job and they find out through a background check, being dishonest about it might affect your prospects more than the DUI itself.